Torpedo Talent Development Programme

We are recruiting young children to be part of our talent development programme!

tp pool

Skills Progression to SSA Talent Identification Programme

Divers in the programme will develop their diving skills in a structured progression pathway that leads to the National Talent Identification Squad Programme (SSA TID).

Here is a list of our past students who have promoted to the National programmes:

  1. Freida Lim (National Squad 2021/Olympian)
  2. Avvir Tham (National Squad 2021)
  3. Max Lee (National Squad 2021)
  4. Deborah Toh (National Development 2021)
  5. Elizabeth Kong (National Development 2021)
  6. Karen Kang (National TID)
  7. Joel Chiew (National TID)
  8. Ong Rei En (National Squad 2021)
  9. Ong Sze En (National Squad 2021)
  10. 9 students in the National TID Skills programme


  • Minimum age for all participants is 6 years old
  • Must be able to swim 25m confidently without aid in deep water
  • Participants age 11 or older should preferably have gymnastics, ballet or trampolining background.

Appropriate clothing:

  • Sports shoes, t-shirts and shorts for warm up and dryland activities.
  • Swimming trunks/costume for water activities

General lesson format

Each 90min training session consists of 3 main components: 1. Warm-up/Stretching: This would include running, jumping as well as flexibility exercises 2. “Dry-land” activities: Includes trampoline work, dryboard, somersaults on crashmats, and diving specific coordination exercises 3. Water activities: Poolside/1metre/3metre/5metre jumps and drills.

Skills Levels 1 to 7 (1m, 3m, 5m) Standing Posture, Hand Grab Forward Jumps, Back jumps, (with armswings/pike and tuck positions) Pike falls, Straight falls, Back falls. Tuck rolls, Pike rolls


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