National Day Aquatics Challenge 2022

The National Day Family Aquatics Challenge is a call for everyone to celebrate Singapore‚Äôs Birthday by staying active and enjoy aquatic sports (swimming, diving and artistic swimming) as a family.Swim up to 57 laps (25m per lap) as a family and try out the basics of diving. You will be taught to do jumps atContinue reading “National Day Aquatics Challenge 2022”

June Aquatics Holiday Camp

Torpedo partnered with Singapore Sports Hub to carry out the Aquatics Holiday Camp from the 6th to 20th of June. The camp provided students the chance to sharpen their skills in either swimming, diving or artistic swimming. Additionally, they were given the opportunity and flexibility to attempt the other sports and learn the basics fromContinue reading “June Aquatics Holiday Camp”

Torpedo Talent Development Programme

We are recruiting young children to be part of our talent development programme! Skills Progression to SSA Talent Identification Programme Divers in the programme will develop their diving skills in a structured progression pathway that leads to the National Talent Identification Squad Programme (SSA TID). Here is a list of our past students who haveContinue reading “Torpedo Talent Development Programme”


If your child has not attained water confidence, Torpedo Dive School has rolled out a new TORPEDO SWIM-DIVE PROGRAMME. Students will take swimming lessons (Aqua Starfish and Sailor programmes) conducted by our sister company, the Torpedo Swim School. Upon attaining water confidence, students may start diving lessons straightaway. Diving lessons can also be held concurrentlyContinue reading “NEW TORPEDO SWIM-DIVE BLENDED PROGRAMME”